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FSA Models & Artiste

FSA Model

FSA focus our models to be Fashion and Beauty leader, Thus FSA is always support to models to get experience to be beautiful and feminine look. Beauty and Fashion is always effect from Economy level and life culture, FSA is the only one company to support model using Japan's Fashion and Beauty experiences. FSA is the company making Singapore girl to be pretty and beautiful. There are many Modeling agencies in town, and some agencies are fishing girls for making money only. FSA is focusing to grooming talents to all models.
- FASHION MODEL [Fashion show model, Car show model etc]
- AD MODEL [Advertising model]
- FS A FRIENDS [Brand new model under training]
- JAPANESE MODEL [Japanese experienced model]

There are 10 different subjects that FSA couch the future talent for developing experience and skill. It can be flexible scheduled lessons followed by student situation, and it will be customized subject FSA will organize lessons to all students. 1 to 1 lessons. Limited numbers of students available.
- Make up services
- Photo shooting
- Casting info
- Web intro

FSA Artists

What sets FUTURE STAGE ARTISTS apart is its ability to offer artists work experience opportunities such as working on stage at Asia's fashion industry on more than 60 shows every year. Not only that, but with contacts in every field of the entertainment industry FSA artists have been able to work with leading companies. This makes FSA the best starting point if you are looking to work in fashion, runway, magazines and on stage.

Takashi Toba – A&R/Producer At the helm of FUTURE STAGE is Takashi Toba, Director and A&R, Producer since the company's inception. He is from Tokyo and graduate in Japan University of Arts, Broadcasting. He started working in the Japan major radio station for 6 years. He met up with many artiste and their managers. For example, SMAP, Larc en Ciel, Kyosuke Himuro, ZARD, GAO etc. Till now in Japan, they are still very famous. Mr. Toba has gained experience of Artiste management work through working with the artiste managers and by projects that he have been working and managing all time round. He had filmed many MTVS for a few Japanese Artistes. By this work, his filming experience had reached to another higher level towards professional area. From the other side, he has gained music recording and composing skills. Tokyo Disney Land asks him to design sound system for their new wonderland, Tokyo Disney Sea. Till now, the selected and designed sound system by Mr. Toba is still operating. In 1998, he was involved in the joint project with Singapore government, Japan government and Mediacorp, (Radio Corporation of Singapore/Mediacorp Radio) to set-up 'FM96.3, The International Channel' and taking over the position as Director. He also set up the station on Bantam Island FM102.3, Japanese Radio station as the position of Director.

- Actor / Actress
- Singer
- Comedian / Stage Performer
- Make-up Artist
There are 10 different subjects that FSA couch the future talent for developing experience and skill. It can be flexible scheduled lessons followed by student situation, and it will be customized subject FSA will organize lessons to all students. 1 to 1 lessons. Limited numbers of students available.

How To be FSA models & Artiste?

FSA has three deferent types of models. These models are categorized according to looks, age, experience and potentials. Three categorized models are provided branding by FSA, and managed by us according to our promotion strategy. We are always doing registration session and we runs 'Artiste development session' constantly. It is necessary for applicants to come registry session and to do Photo shooting session for making COM-CARD(Models Portfolio).
Applying to FSA

1) Email Photo and CV to FSA
2) Registration Session for only selected peoples.
3) Photoshooting Session (to make Portfolio)

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Artists & Models

FSA Models

Experienced Models for Stage show, Shooting and Filming. This category's models are having FSA company's full support. Our management is take careing models one by one customized to different models. In Singapore , FSA'sone of leading talent is Dawn Yeoh Yishan, who has signed with Media Corp TV. She is one of the Seven Princess in Singapore . Our Director Mr Takashi Toba groomed her potential and manages her to become one of the top young star in Singapore. 

FSA friends

FSA is always finding new potentials, but these potentials are not always having entertainment experiences. Thus, FSA is organise Training session and Brush-up sessions. Through these sessions, FSA friends can be in to the entertainment industry more smoothly. You will be cast and taken through the whole process of personalize project from start to finish. Students are given an excellent insight into the ways to best perform in front of a camera. this can serve as a good to enhance your acting abilities.

Japanese Models

FUTURE STAGE ARTISTS has played a role in the introduction of various Japanese artists and models. Our managements are working with Japan's welknown entertainment companies to organize show, Recording and Filming. We are supplying Japanese Voice Talent in Singapore as well.

FSA artiste(Group)

Nesessity to be successful pop star is to have right contract with right Artiste management company. FSA is planning and managing each Artiste to next higher level in the entertainment industry. Our Focus is to the world.

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Category - Models

AD Models

Advertising model is a dream come true to ordinary occupations, advertising models are local, with covers, you do not know where to aspects of development, need to pay attention too much advertising model requires only characters in the film and advertising on the bit , local advertising model is perhaps the highlight of your body a flash, perhaps the eyes, perhaps the hair, maybe your hands, maybe your back. Everyone has the potential to become the advertising model. As long as he has a prominent feature, unique can be.
- Height Requirement : around170cm
- No expression
- Walking technique

Fashion Models

Mannequin is specialized in fashion, clothing display model of a class of groups. Mannequins in size, appearance, temperament, cultural foundations, professional sense, display capabilities, and so has a certain condition, and have a good pair of costume design, production and fabrics, accessories and music, stage lighting, etc. have a certain ability to comprehend that such a group working in the T-stage workers, generally tall.
- Free hight
- Need expression (good smile)
- Posing technique
- Friendly wiht others


Want to experience the fun of shooting drama do! Close contact you want to star! Join our team of extras to start your acting journey.
- freely time
- Any face
- Interesting Mind

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