OUR EXPERTISE : make-up & styling .

Styling Section

Our experience in professional models and artistes styling.

Styling Definition

Stylist will consider through a combination of the particular occasion to attend, or the needs of the storyline and make a transformation of the whole package, rather than just simply "makeup". The model or artiste will be attended according to the occasion, theatrical content, then with a number of conditions combined with the star itself, a combination of factors that we position out a style.

our Service

Their main duty includes selecting image designer clothings with makeup styling, color diagnosis, physical remedial training and etiquette training.
Styling skills is the highest level of integration, including head and facial beautification, clothing and dress, ceremonial occasions, physical and deportment, language and communication, and even internal quality improvement.
The image of the designer's main job is to follow a certain purpose, character, makeup, hair, clothing, etiquette, body language and the environment, and many other factors, the overall portfolio, the main work for the integrated design.


As people's living standards improve, beauty, clothing and other fashion industry's rapid development, image design is no longer only for the stars who can afford to enjoy the treatment, it has moved from the original film, art and other professional bodies into the public lives. Image styling has no limitations and in this decade, fashion styling will always be ahead in trend. In this line of professionalism, our main objective is to bring fashion into the lives of all people.

Famous quote

"Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it."

― Audrey Hepburn