Acting Course

FSA runs regular, established artiste development classes from our studio in Bishan, Singapore. These classes are aimed at people who are interested in acting and singing from whatever point of view or experience. FSA artiste development class designed by Japanese producer, Takashi Toba. FSA's leading talent is Dawn Yeoh Yishan, who has signed with Media Corp TV. She is one of the "Seven Princess" in Singapore . FSA Director Mr Takashi Toba groomed her potential and manages her to become one of the top young star in Singapore.

This course is designed for beginner actor/actress. Candidates for this program are people who:
- are keen to learn the skills of TV/Movie acting;
- seek to extend expertise in the area of natural acting and talent nature development; or
- may wish to sharpen your acting skills for a better performance.

Run like a personalize course for you over 10 days, candidates progress at their own pace to finish their personalize projects. Candidates receive training closely with personal Tutors towards completing their projects.

Course Introduction

General Theory
You will be cast and taken through the whole process of personalize project from start to finish. Students are given an excellent insight into the ways to best perform in front of a camera. this can serve as a good to enhance your acting abilities.

Audition Technique
You will learn how to interact with casting people and clients and respond
to different situations when casting and auditioning.

Acting Class
Includes acting techniques, improvisation, voice work, relaxation, working
on texts. using your nature potentials as warm up and then progress into
short creative sequences this class can brush up your acting skills.


General Theory : (one evening a week for 10 weeks) - S$850-
Audition Technique : (one day workshop) - S$250-
Acting Class : Enroll fee $50(FSA models none) Class fee $30/time(FSA models 50% cut)

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